[MonoDevelop] MonoQuery

Christian Hergert chris@mosaix.net
Thu, 16 Dec 2004 07:23:48 -0800

MD Team,

I did some updates to MonoQuery to get it ready for commit. I did some
code cleanup and refactoring. Also added a MySQL db provider. You can
get the patch at the following link.


To Apply
cd MonoDevelop
zcat ../monoquery-0.3.1.patch.gz | patch -Np1

Todd, let me know if im missing anything for committing this.

Few things to look forward to in future release:
  * SQL Query view to do live queries.
  * Schema view to see how an object was created
  * i would like to add Firebird and Oracle support next. Havent used
either in a very long time. Could use some help :-)

Christian Hergert <chris@mosaix.net>
Mosaix Communications, Inc.