[MonoDevelop] Autotools integration?

Michael Lausch mla@lausch.at
Wed, 15 Dec 2004 10:02:37 +0100

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 21:47 -0800, Todd Berman wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 21:13 -0500, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> >     Hence organically grown, pkg-config based, and the configure and
> > Makefiles generated from our internal XML "Solution" format is the right
> > path to go.
> > 
> > Miguel.
> There is already the beginnings of an implementation of this in
> MonoDevelop. However, to not conflict with existing makefiles, the
> makefile created is named Makefile.SolutionName and is easily runnable
> via a make.sh file created in your toplevel directory.

and using NAnt for this? the advantage of NAnt is that it's easier to
parse then a makefile and that it's possible to put additional
functionality into NAnt, like packaging into binary distribution
formats, which might be written by hand. NAnt also interfaces with
pkgconfig (at least in the new 0.85 version). 

I also think it's not so complicated to expand NAnt with `gcc' and `ar'
tasks, so that C glue code can be handled as well. And as a last resort
there's always the <exe> tasks. 

I'm going to implement a Monodevelop-Solution/Project -> NAnt.build
file. I don't think this is really hard to do. 

> There are many bits and pieces missing with this method, and a lot of
> work needs to be done in order to make it not suck. Also, MonoDevelop
> does this in a somewhat poor way, that would basically require
> reimplementation for any project that isnt C#. There is most likely a
> better way to handle all of this.
> dist/distcheck actions are not supported, and multi-startup solutions
> are not supported.
> So basically, this code exists, and is relatively usable, at least as a
> starting point for a more robust solution. Any/All patches to this
> functionality would be appreciated, reviewed, and most likely accepted.
> --Todd
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