[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop and Asp.net Views

Alexandre Gomes alexmipego@hotmail.com
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 18:30:10 +0000


I was thinking about how to implement a start page with mono. While 
using gtk could one option I think that asp.ner is a better one. Like 
visual studio.net start page we could include recent projects, some 
options and last news/releases.

My problem start with the how to make an asp.net page that can get the 
current MonoDevelop instance properties. I'm thinking the better ways is 
no make a new MonoDevelopXSPService addin to enable this. Anyway, I 
still have no clue about how I could make a page to be an addin to 

While a new dependency in XSP (maybe not) could be a trouble for some, I 
think that as soon as MonoDevelop have support to ASP.net that would be 
a must-to-have dependency.

Any help, suggestions are welcome,
Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes