[MonoDevelop] Understanding Projects and Solutions

psonek2 psonek2@seznam.cz
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 05:57:34 +0100

I am quite sure that you can have one source file in more then one
projects, if that's what you need.

In general it works like this:

-> Project is assembly.
-> Solution just resolves project dependencies.

So if you need different executables (assemblies) you must have
different projects (and you can of course place them to solutions
as you like and share source files as you like).

There's no way to have one project that produces different 
executables (except debug/release switch)


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I am trying to build what I consider a project, and I want to create
different executables.   

How would I do this in monodevelop?  I want to share some code between
the different executables as well. 

Rob Brown-Bayliss


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