[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop Syntax Highlighting (Debian sid pkgs)

Jimmy Ott sot@gmx.ch
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 16:35:57 +0200

i'm using the unstable debian packages of mono and monodevelop, but the 
syntax highlighting feature still does not work yet.

i'm running a debian sid with gnome 2.6, mono packages are:
ii  libgdiplus     1.0-2
ii  libmono0       1.0-4
ii  mono-assemblie 1.0-1
ii  mono-assemblie 1.0-1
ii  mono-common    1.0-4
ii  mono-jit       1.0-4
ii  mono-mcs       1.0-1
ii  monodevelop    0.5-2
ii  monodoc-base   1.0-1
ii  monodoc-manual 1.0-1

I tried many things, eg. set mime types via gnome-file-types-properties, 
go through the steps of the faq of monodevelop.com and so on. i tested 
it on two debian sid machines, both with gnome 2.6 and it didn't work.. 
i think i'm too stupid, aah...
the mime types are all correctly set and also displayed in filebrowser:
-> text/x-csharp cs

can anyone help me?

many thanks,