[MonoDevelop] Mono on Linux

D J djj734@mail.usask.ca
Sun, 25 Apr 2004 17:38:30 -0600

I can't speak for KDE cause I have never written anything for it, but 
on GNOME I use
the egg library.  You can get the wrapper for it here:


That one is needed if you are using the new gtk-sharp cvs, otherwise 
use the package
from the second link in this email.
I think that libegg might be on your system already, you can also see 
here for code/examples:

and for older gtk-sharps use this egg-sharp.dll  It is pretty easy to 
use and you will be able
to figure it out from the code in switcher with no troubles.  I think I 
read somewhere that KDE
and GNOME use the same 'taskbar' interface so it might work, but again, 
I haven't used
KDE in years.

good luck,

On 23-Apr-04, at 3:13 PM, Paulo Aboim Pinto wrote:

> Hello
> After many problems, i can compile and use Mono on my linux.
> How can i access the SysTray of the Gnome and KDE Window Manager???
> (())
> Paulo Aboim Pinto
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