[MonoDevelop] ScintillaNET on GTK# for MonoDevelop

Garrett Serack Garrett_Serack@cpr.ca
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 13:40:36 -0600

Well, once I've gotten a good first pass at the GTK# stuff, I'll =
refactor the Windows version at the same time.
That Doesn't hurt my feelings :) , but I may need to silently "upgrade" =
my clients...

But, that way, ScintillaNET can support both MD and #D. Hmmm. (maybe I =
should refactor the name too?)=20

Ben Maurer had mentiond:

> * Scintilla does not do rendering as nicely as GtkSourceView; no
>        pango use, it looks horrible.

Scintilla has supported Pango for a heck of a long time, it shouldn't =
appear crappy at all.

I'll have to make sure the port will support that correctly.

IRT the "chucking" away of code, I'm sure that we can make it a =
switchable/pluggable interface :)


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	I personally like the idea of having the same editor control used on
SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop. It would greatly improve SharpDevelop's
performance, while adding code folding and other features to =
MonoDevelop. I
know a lot of work has gone into integrating GtkSourceView, and it may =
difficult to justify chucking away all that code.


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I'm the devloper who maintains the ScintillaNET wrapper for the =
control, (which currently is bound tightly around the Win32 version of =
I'm about to* embark on a crusade to completely OpenSourceify my life, =
purge myself of Win32,  and in doing so I found MonoDevelop.  I =
the archives for this list, and in reading discovered that some folks =
mentioned using Scintilla as the Editor.

I'm more than willing to get ScintillaNET cross-platform and working as =
mono-enabled control, for those that wish to use it, and hopefully it =
be integrated into MonoDevelop soon.

Unfortunatly, the current version, is like I said Win32.
Through-and-through. I wrote it using Managed C++, which, unless I'm on
crack, there is no mono equivalent.

So, I'm looking to wrap the Scintilla GTK control in the same way that =
native code has been wrappered, but I've got a couple of questions.

Is there a tool for autogenerating bindings of native libraries, or is =
a manual process, and Where might this tool be.


Is there an interest for this?

Garrett Serack

* I have an on-again/off-again relationship with Linux and opensource,
Mainly it's my commercial customers that keep me in the Win32 world, but
with a viable .NET platform on Linux, I'm wanting to finish the job.
Currently my Laptop is Emerging about a trillion Packages, so I havn't
actually loaded the mono stuff yet :( , but should be there tomorrow.=20

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