[MonoDevelop] cs syntax highlighting does not work for me

DI Mag. Rainer Burgstaller rainer.burgstaller@web.de
Thu, 01 Apr 2004 08:25:46 +0200

I finally got it working. There was something extremely weird in my  

I had /usr/share/mime (which did not include x-csharp) and  
/opt/gnome/share/mime (which had everything in it). So it seems that  
gtksourceview looked at /usr/share/mime and the  
gnome-file-types-properties edited /opt/gnome/share/mime. So what I did  
was to copy the contents from /opt/gnome/share/mime to /usr/share/mime and  
ran update-mime-database. That worked. However, now the syntax  
highlighting for aspx is gone although nautilus recognizes the file  
type:(  (maybe it did not do this before and interpreted it as html?)

thanks for the help