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The source code of the existing addin is at

It uses some heuristics and the .NET naming conventions to stub out
doc comments. You can try it out in the existing version of
MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio / VS for Mac.

For example, it generated this doc comment based simply on the .NET
conventions for use of the word "Is" in property names:

/// <summary>
/// Gets a value indicating whether this <see cref="T:TestClass"/> is hidden.
/// </summary>
/// <value><c>true</c> if is hidden; otherwise, <c>false</c>.</value>
public bool IsHidden { get; }

The project is simply to generate _better_ doc comments, by whatever
means you choose. In particular, there are a few cases where the
heuristics can break down and generate some pretty silly results.

- mikayla

On 19 March 2017 at 11:02, Michael Viveros <michaelviveros at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m Michael Viveros and I’m interested in the Improve Auto-Documentation
> System project for GSOC 2017 (mentor Mike Krüger).
> Below are some questions.
> 1. What is an example of generating "documentation comments based on the
> member types and naming conventions"?
> I read over the monodoc page about Generating Documentation but that was
> more about extracting documentation from code comments as opposed to
> actually generating documentation.
> For example, maybe the auto-documentation system would take in something
> like `int addNumbers(int x, int y)` and produce “this function adds two
> integers”.
> The output gets the “adds” part as a verb from the method stub and it gets
> the “two integers”part from the parameters to the method.
> 2. Where is the source code for the auto-documentation addin?
> 3. Do you have any initial ideas for how to use NLP to improve the
> auto-documentation system?
> I know this is the main topic of the project but I just wanted to know if
> anyone has looked into it yet so I could have a starting point for my
> proposal.
> I saw on the Mono GSOC Trello board a link to Recurrent neural networks and
> it looked like they could be used to train a model to generate documentation
> after feeding it in sample methods.
> Michael
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