[Monodevelop-devel] GSOC Proposal Draft

Luís Reis luiscubal at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 01:03:39 UTC 2014

Hello, Mark.

I've read your proposal and I have some feedback:
"Replace some instance(s) of repeated code or expressions": There is
already a "Declare local variable" action. I think it could be a good
starting point for this feature.
The "add abstract keyword" action for methods which already have a body:
Would this be related to your "move method up/down in the inheritance
chain" action?
"Develop, or begin to develop, a unit testing framework for code actions
and refactoring. " This already
See the existing code action tests for examples.
Add the async modifier to methods that use await: I like this idea but I
don't see why a new type of submenu is needed. Can't you just make it an
ordinary code issue/code issue fix?

Good luck.
Luís Reis

2014-03-14 0:02 GMT+00:00 garnett m. (mg10g13) <mg10g13 at soton.ac.uk>:

>  Hey,
>  I've written up a draft of my proposal about source code refactoring.
> However I know there's at least a couple of issues I wanted to raise:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lXSLW4oEdFnTLlLVZXcJeeOBUdBU7yfO-N5My7nel_M/edit?usp=sharing
>  1) The timeframe. Since I've not really done a project of anywhere near
> this size, I can't really base it off previous work I've done. Equally the
> quality would need to be consistent (I'd like to think my previous projects
> have been of good quality, but there's definitely a few lapses when I've
> been rushing to get it to work - I wouldn't repeat those!). Whilst I don't
> want to underestimate how much time I'd give per action, I don't want to
> look like I'm achieveing very little per week. So would I need to assign
> more time to each? Or is it about right and I'd move my stretch goal (or
> some other stretch goal) into the main project?
>  2) I've identified the main points - but I'm sure that the list would
> grow both from further research and just small things I find from doing the
> bigger things. Is it fine to miss these out until after the application
> period?
>  3) Anything else that needs a touchup? Would I need to go into more
> detail as to how I'm going to implement X, Y, and Z - or is just saying 'I
> will do X and I need to make sure I consider this, this, and this'? The
> deliverables section seems a bit empty too.
>  Thanks again!
>  -Mark
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