[Monodevelop-devel] Source code analysis and refactoring (GSoC), looking for some clarification.

garnett m. (mg10g13) mg10g13 at soton.ac.uk
Fri Mar 7 23:34:24 UTC 2014


    I've been around the #monosoc and #monodev channels for a bit now under the nick TCD; I was interested in applying for GSoC to work on the source code analysis/refactoring area.

I've talked through it with some people to a degree over IRC, but I've come to drafting my proposal and hit some points I wanted to discuss further.

a) I know that NRefactory is used 'under the hood' for analysis; would therefore most work with code actions and refactoring be done within the NRefactory project? I noticed there are a lot (a huge amount already) of actions in MD, but the only code I could seem to find in the MD base itself was for interfacing with code actions.

b) Would research time - that is, thorough research rather than skimming - fall under the GSoC project time, or would it be something to be done prior to the project? Obviously work to see what, say, Visual Studio or Eclipse provides in the way of code actions would be needed to see what MD is lacking.

c) I'm having some issues with the idea of the scale of the project; on the surface, it seems that code actions would not take up much of the 3 months of work (unless there were a LOT being added). Would something extra on top be expected in a good proposal? I had an idea to add a step-through analyser to see and very quickly fix any potential code issues in the selected scope (file, project, solution) or some kind of further visualisation of the analysis - for instance, providing further detail to the actions listed in the menu (what contributes a 'simplify negative relational expression' for example?) - but since I wasn't 100% sure of the scale of the project, I didn't know whether these would fall under stretch goals if time permits or not.

    Obviously it'd depend on my work speed, but right now when trying to sketch out a battleplan I get to 'week 1, detailed research and make sure I can work my way around the codebase, week 2+ implement things?' :)

Thank you for your time,


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