[Monodevelop-devel] Google Summer of Code 2012 - Some questions

Jeff Stedfast jeff at xamarin.com
Mon Mar 19 19:20:35 UTC 2012

Hi Wojciech,

2012/3/19 Wojciech Gawroński <afronski at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> My name is Wojciech Gawroński and I'm a Polish Computer Science student
> from
> Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.
> I'm interested in extending Monodevelop and I've got some questions about
> details of specified topics.
> - Code metrics - Do you have foundation for this task or student should do
> it from scratch (with all parsing and AST trees related problems)?

MonoDevelop already has an AST for at least C#, not sure about other
languages - but the focus for code metrics is likely for C# anyway.

> - JS Support - Can I use something like Esprima or treehugger.js (with a C#
> port) or it should be based on the mentioned ActionScript parser from
> FlashDevelop?

I'll let Michael Hutchinson answer this question, because I honestly don't
know. I suspect that as long as they are under an appropriate license, it
doesn't matter. (Appropriate being MIT/X11, Apache 2.0, or something like

> - C# Refactorings - Again, It should be done from scratch? How about really
> complex and advanced refactoring which are possible in for e.g. ReSharper
> tool?

There is already some API to facilitate refactoring, but I'm not sure what
is needed. The best person to answer this question would be Mike Krueger.

Hope that helps,

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