[Monodevelop-devel] Linux Remote Debugging

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 00:25:53 EST 2011

On 1 December 2011 05:15, Peter Siegel <siegelpeter2009 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> Monodevelop on windows uses the Mono 2.10.6 Runtime and automatically
> generates mdb and pdb files.

That doesn't sound right, I don't think Mono can generate pdb files.

> when running the app on the device i get a stackttrace but with
> "filename unkown:0"  But if i run the exe with mono --debug on windows
> i get the filename / numbers.
> I tried to rebuild the mdb with pdb2mdb on linux which worked ok, but
> still no line numbers.

It's hard to diagnose without debugging, but if you don't have line
numbers in stack traces in if you use mono --debug on the device, that
implies you don't have the correct mdb files beside the assemblies.
AFAIK the stack trace should print the original Windows paths.

Michael Hutchinson

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