[Monodevelop-devel] How to access property service data from project template

Christoph Müller chrism at g-graphix.de
Wed Aug 3 08:38:22 EDT 2011


I created a MonoDevelop AddIn. From the manifest.xml I am extending




with a custom options property page as well as adding a project template to




The project template is defined in an xpt.xml file and is mainly a C#
library project with some special assembly references and some C# source
code files.


The custom property page exposes a file chooser where users can setup a
certain directory. The user setting here is stored using the
MonoDevelop.Core.PropertyService. Now I would like to use the path specified
here in my project template, because the user chosen path points to a place
where an assembly referenced by the project template can be found.


My question is: Can this be done without programming? How can I access
settings stored in the MonoDevelop.Core.PropertyService from within the


If I need programming: How would I do this. What additional extension points
do I need to hook on? What classes do I need to inherit and what
methods/properties do I need to override?


Thanks a lot in advance,

Christoph Müller


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