[Monodevelop-devel] Building mono develop on OS X

Joachim Ante joe at unity3d.com
Sat Feb 21 14:18:05 EST 2009

> Hi,
> When i try to build the latest mono develop from trunk i get an  
> error  You need to install update-mime-database.
> I read in the archives that i should provide --disable-update- 
> mimedb but this parameter seems to get rejected from ./configure as  
> an illegal option.
> What should i be passing to the configure to make mono develop  
> compile?
> Joachim Ante

using ./configure --profile=mac works better :)

But now i am getting this:

./configure: line 2688: syntax error near unexpected token  
./configure: line 2688: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES 
has_mono=true, has_mono=false)'

I have mono 2.4 preview 3 installed.

Joachim Ante
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