[Monodevelop-devel] Per-project styles & policies

Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 08:47:27 EDT 2008

> * Should we allow users to add custom mimetypes for their own file
> formats, or just support the "major" text/code mimetypes registered in
> MD?
> * Should we list only the mimetypes used in the project?

If the answer to the latter is yes, then the answer to the former
should also be yes.

> * For each mimetype, should there be a checkbox to override the
> "default" text style? Or should there be a UI for adding/removing text
> styles to the tree?

Probably it would be a good idea to have a store of different styles
created by the user.

> Settings Infrastructure
> ================
> Many of these settings may need to be overridable for individual
> projects within a solution, because a solution's projects may have
> been imported from elsewhere with different coding style. For this
> reason, we need an infrastructure that can be used to get the setting
> for a project, and if the setting has not been overridden, will grab
> the setting from the parent solution.
> * How important is this feature?

IMO it's as important to have per-project settings as it is to have
per-solution settings.
As an example, I have a solution with some C# projects and a C
project. For external reasons, the coding standard for the C project
is different than for the C# project. I suspect that, as MD becomes
more mature and well-known as a solid, general-purpose IDE, there will
be more and more mixed-language solutions that will lend themselves to
different styles per project.

> * How many of the settings really need to be overridable at project level?

All of the ones that are overridable at the solution level.

> * Where should settings be stored? The solution file and the project
> files? I feel this is better than a .userprefs-like file, since it
> makes sure the settings stay with the project/solution.

Is there some way to do this such that the settings will be ignored
and won't be stripped if the project/solution is opened in another

> * Should setting be duplicated in the project in case it's opened
> without the solution? Or should the project have a flag to say that it
> expects settings to be stored in a solution, so MD can warn when the
> solution isn't present?

I would think it makes sense to store the settings at the tree level
at which they're set. (Solutionwide => solution settings,
Project-specific=> project settings)

> It should be possible to save a project's style, and apply this style
> to other solutions/projects. However, I don't think it's viable or
> desirable to synchronise these in any way. Once a project is created,
> its settings should remain constant unless they are explicitly
> changed.



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