[Monodevelop-devel] Parser Overview

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Mon Sep 29 07:52:49 EDT 2008


I think it works almost the same way than before. The language bindings
should provide the parser for class browser/quick navigation. And they
should do the code completion (there is a class completiontexteditor
extension which makes at a bit easier to handle different completion
cases). But basically the language bindings extend the text editor with

See the CSharpLanguageBinding for details. Tags are just a special type
of comments. I'm not really happy with the name. (Tag comments are
'TODO', 'HACK' etc.)

The thing that's really interresting for code completion is the
ICompilationUnit inside the ParsedDocument. This contains all


> Does anyone have a short overview of how the parser system works now?
> The optimal interactions between the parser, resolvers, and completion
> system seems a bit tough to grasp which is compounded by the lack of
> interface documentation.
> I'm trying to put together code completion for my cPython addin, but I'm
> unsure which project I should look at for an ideal example.  Things
> appear to be in a sort of flux.
> Of particular interest is how the parser should interact with parsed
> documents, what Tag's are, and how the gui completion should interact
> with that.
> Thanks!
> -- Christian
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