[Monodevelop-devel] Adding project build dependencies in MD's makefiles

Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 09:00:04 EST 2008

> I've discussed with Mike (Kestner) a couple of times about the need for
> proper dependency checks between the MD makefiles. That is, a change in
> one of the MD projects would cause all dependent projects to be
> rebuilt.

This would be a Good Thing.

> I'm reluctant to do this change because any small change (even if not
> breaking change) in one of the core MD assemblies would cause the
> rebuild of all the 50 assemblies of MD, and that would be really
> annoying for those who work daily on those assemblies.

I agree with Michael H. that this isn't really a big deal.


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