[Monodevelop-devel] Improving refactoring after 2.0

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Thu Nov 6 02:32:53 EST 2008


> 1) UI-decoupling on preview/user-decision

Modal dialog for refactorings ?

> 2) Memory-consumption to keep track of all pending changes, and
> before/after scenarios

If we only keep the deltas I don't see a problem. When we keep the parse
tree of the whole solution we may have one. (At least we would waste
some memory)

> 3) Undoability
Ok. This one is really hard especially the undo handling is not done ide
wide instead it's coupled with the views to handle undo/redo. We may
need to change if we want undoable refactorings.

> Also it should be decided if all would be affected files should be
> loaded in editor windows, or changes could occur behind-the-scener
> after user previewing/deciding, this may bring in some synchronization
> issues with other subsystems/addins like the version control one.
No I don't want editor windows there. I want a refactoring dialog that
shows the refactorings in an understandable way - but I wan't to use an
"editor window" to show the refactoring changes.

> About version control integration, it is not common on open source
> projects, but where I work currently SVN is configured to demand
> locking files to be able to commit changes on them, meaning that
> eclipse/vs.net keep asking me if I want to overwrite the locally
> marked-as-readonly files in the middle of refactorings, as I never try
> to guess and lock files prior to working on them, and I think we
> should support that too.

That's a good feature. I noted it.


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