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darren darren at treendweb.co.uk
Sat May 13 08:23:15 UTC 2017

Dear friend! 

After a month of   journey I'm finally back home, it was  a lovely journey, and I'm safe and sound)))   Please read  more about  my adventures  here http://poictiers.julielungaro.com

Hugs, darren

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I would have someone pick  their locks every night but never steal anything  making them think they left them unlocked.   I would pay  someone to  walk into  the bathroom before them  and remove all but one square of toilet paper from the  stalls.  I would unbalance their paper towel holder so when they went  to rip off  a piece the  paper towel holder would fling across the room instead.  I would  drill out all their  salt shakers so salt  would come out really  quick.    I  would pay people to  drive really  slowly in  front of  them.   I would pay 300 people to  call him  one  time  each and ask for Hank in a deep southern accent over a  long  period of time.

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