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On 2013.03.22 15:12, Coda Highland wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 6:44 AM, Miljenko Cvjetko
> <mcvjetko at holisticware.net> wrote:
>> If You need Linux + Windows  [+ Mac] start with WF, but do not expect
>> eye-candy.
> Does WinForms work reliably on Mac now? Last time I tried it, it had a
> lot of really game-breaking problems.
I made 2 projects in 2 solutions in last few months. One for Composite 
C1 CMS system
where we read and post news into CMS system and other for one touristic 
agency where
we download event data for specific location.

Both apps have

  * DataGridViews for 2-3 lists(tables) something like master
  * UserControl with fields for Detail
  * Master and Detail have several buttons for "batch" operations

Nothing spectacular. Developed on Windows, checkin/commit, checkout on 
Mac it works.
problematic - WebBrowser control - does not work on Mac (webkit vs 
trident rendering engine in
WF.net). I know I could use Mono implementation, but then I would need a 
lot tweaking or
2 Forms.

Reasons for this:

  * unit tests - we write those for desktop apps
  * testing features and debugging Model/BusinessLogic (multithreading,
    syncing etc) is
    simply a lot faster on desktop.

Looks - not great (actually quite ugly), but for testing how code works 
on Mac - just enough.
We live currently from iOS and Android, so reimplementing is Cocoa is 
planned, but later.

Oh yes: before I checkin I test apps in Xamarin studio/Monodevelop on 
WIndows, with
default runtime for solution set to one of installed Mono versions - not 

So answer: stable? I could not complain that it is unstable. I could work.



> /s/ Adam

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