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Miljenko Cvjetko mcvjetko at holisticware.net
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On 2013.03.20 09:51, Innovative Solutions SL wrote:
> Good morning.
> I have some doubts on how to deal with applications that I want to 
> develop.
> I need to develop applications for a smart camera (VRMagic, in the 
> description says it is compatible with MONO. NET) that has Linux 
> (Debian) and above these applications I want to develop a setup wizard 
> in C # where the user can set up the camera.
> I'm using Visual Studio and would like to use it as IDE if it's possible.
> My question is:
> How I can do this with MONO?
> Can MONO be integrated with Visual Studio or do I have to use Xamarin 
> Studio?
Yes Mono can be integrated in VS, but You can use MD/XS side by side 
with VS.
The tool for integrating in VS is VS plugin called Mono Tools. It used 
to be commercial (sold by Novell),
Today it seems that this product is discontinued - ask Xamarin support 
for it.

> Can use WinForms with MONO?
Yes. We develop all kinds of apps - enterprise with server side ASP.net 
and client side (mobile, desktop and RIA).
First versions and unit tests are usually written for desktop - Windows 
Forms, just it is easier to debug and develop.
Then with sharing code we hit other platfroms desktop and mobile.

> I will be grateful if you clarify me what it is the best solution for 
> my application.
If You need Linux + Windows  [+ Mac] start with WF, but do not expect 
eye-candy. When form (looks)
becomes equally important as the function,  consider replacing UI layer 
with WPF on Windows or Cocoa
on Mac and Gtk# on  linux.


> Thank you and best regards,
> Roberto.
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