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Baltasar García Perez-Schofield baltasarq at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 20:46:34 UTC 2013


I have a Winforms Application i intent to port it to Mac using Mono for
> Mac.Mono migration Analyzer says all the components cannot be ported.so i
> have decided to write from scratch(reusing the code).I have downloaded and
> installed Mono for Mac and Xcode on Mac OSX
> 1.How to design the UI?

The easiest way is to use the UI designer for Gtk# bundled with
Monodevelop. Unfortunately, there is no designer for WinForms available (at
least, one that is easily found, downloaded and installed).

> I can see that Mono for Mac has a GTK# UI builder,but GTK# is
> confusing.which is the best GUI Toolkit to easily design the UI?

There are tons of GUI toolkits available. If you use Qt, for example, then
you'll probably be able to use QML and easily build your GUI in an external
GUI designer for Qt. But I don't have experience here, so unless someone
else steps out, you're on your own.

> 2.Since Mono supports win-forms,i tried using mono c# compiler to compile
> the code.But it shows a lot of exceptions and in case of large project i
> will have a number of .cs files and may be libraries.How can i compile it
> via command line?

The best way is to directly open your project in Monodevelop. The IDE will
take care of the dependencies, and so on. Anyway, take into account that a)
there are a lot of horror stories about compiling a WinForms app in Mac,
and b) Xamarin itself considers WinForms deprecated.

Good luck!
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