[Mono-winforms-list] Removing the IDeviceContext.cs file

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the answer.
I think it was just some kind of internal class to replicate the behavior of the Drawing.IDeviceContext one, but since Drawing.IDeviceContext didn't exist in .NET 1.1, it was done internally in System.Windows.Forms, without exposing the class. That way, more code could be shared between 1.1 and 2.0, using 2 different classes as if it was the same one.

I think we want to remove it, can't see why we'd want to keep it.

Do you know if the only file reference I need to remove is in the System.Windows.Forms.dll.sources file, as I suspect? Just making sure I don't break anything.

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Don't know anthing about it really.  Just to note that the one in
System.Drawing is official
spx) and is an interface.  This one is a *class* matching -- but *not*
"implementing" -- that interface...  George Giolfan who worked on
theming support is the only committer in SVN/GIT.  Presumably it's
obsolete -- and maybe was never used in production.  Perhaps it was used
for diagnostics purposes or something.

Jonathan might know know more, or ask George -- though presumably not at
the wonky email address listed in that file.


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> Hi guys,
> As I was cleaning up WinForms from .NET 1.1 code, I stumbled 
> on the IDeviceContext.cs file (in the System.Windows.Forms 
> namespace). I'm not sure what this class was for exactly 
> (some kind of replacement for the class of the same name in 
> the System.Drawing namespace, I take it), but it now seems 
> useless, since it's wrapped inside a #if !NET_2_0 condition.
> Also, from what I understand, if I remove it, I should also 
> remove it from the System.Windows.Forms.dll.sources file (if 
> I'm not mistaken, that's what the make command uses to find 
> classes it should build), and I think that's it. Nothing else 
> to update.
> Am I right, and can I go ahead with this?
> Thanks.
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