[Mono-winforms-list] Solution or Hint to Play Vedios, Flash Files and PDFs

Alexander Shulgin alexander.shulgin at yessoftware.com
Thu Jan 20 09:15:50 EST 2011

On 20.01.2011 16:07, Sudarshan Hegde wrote:
> Hi Team,
> We are trying to build an cross platform application (Linux, Mac) using
> Monodevelop, hence I need to play some vedio(mp4), flash files(swf) and
> pdf.
> I tried searching into Mono regarding it. However I couldn’t find any.
> Could you please help with a solution or hint?
> This requirement is a bit urgent. It would be of great help if anyone
> would help us with an hint.

Hint: with these requirements... just bail it.

No really, the only sensible way to play video and Flash animations 
would be to use a web browser (don't know how seamless PDF fits here, 
but it's less of a problem on Mac).  And this is not supported on Mono 
implementation of WinForms on Mac OS X.

If WinForms is not a requirement, have better luck with MonoMac, the new 
generation Mono platform for Mac OS.

OTOH, on Linux the most hard part would be PDFs I suspect.  Anyway, 
WinForms will do you bad favor here as well.  I'd better try to see if 
Gtk# + libpoppler cuts it.


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