[Mono-winforms-list] Porting Mono winforms to a new OS/Window Manager

Michael Mudge michael at mudge.com
Wed Jan 12 11:39:23 EST 2011

We are working on getting Mono WinForms up and running on our device,
and I'd like to make sure that we're on the right track and have a
good understanding of what is ahead of us.  Through the project, most
of our issues have been unknown unknowns - so if you can anticipate
any obstacles, it would be very helpful.

We use a GUI manager called PegX - it is fairly primitive.  As I
understand it, there is some dependency between LibGDIPlus and the
GUI, and XPlatUIDriver is also meant to map to the GUI.  What is the
description of these relationships?

PegX does make use of some hardware acceleration, so we would like to
leverage that as much as possible.  Also, the current implementation
of LibGDIPlus has dependencies on many things - FontConfig, FreeType,
LibPNG, XLib, GLib, Cairo.  We only have FreeType and Cairo completely

Are there parts of LibGDIPlus that we can cut out and replace with
calls straight to PegX, and minimize all of the remaining
dependencies?  Is there someone who can help guide us?

The system is touchscreen-only.  How much do we need to be concerned
with the UI message pump?  The only touchscreen events are down, move
and up.  How might we detect that the cursor has clicked on a textbox
so that we can pop up our onscreen keyboard?  And most importantly,
what questions have I failed to ask?

- Michael "Kipp" Mudge
Welch Allyn

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