[Mono-winforms-list] LinkLabel bug

Svein Arne Ackenhausen acken at acken.no
Mon Sep 20 17:42:41 EDT 2010

I experienced a bug in the LinkLabel control through the following scenario.
Clicked the linklabel, the form was redrawn, clicked another control and the
OnGotFocus event on the linklabel was called. At this point sorted_links was
null and focused_index was 0 which ended up in a nice null reference
exception. Fixed it by doing a null check. If it's something that you guys
are interested in pulling it in my repository http://github.com/acken/mono in
commit 878e6d0415c974a51306

Best regards
Svein Arne Ackenhausen

Blog - http://ackenpacken.blogspot.com/
Twitter - http://twitter.com/ackenpacken
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