[Mono-winforms-list] Whiteboard application

Stefano Del Furia delfo at edudotnet.it
Sat Jan 30 00:44:29 EST 2010

Hi all,
i'm developing a whiteboard application for using a Wiimote as mouse 
I have almost do everything but i'm stuck on the problem about how to move 
the mouse cursor programmatically, send mouse input to all windows on 
desktop and so on.
I know that "normal" c++ software can use this code:
void fake_move(int x, int y)
Display* display = XOpenDisplay(0);
XTestFakeMotionEvent(display, -1, x, y, 0);
DEBUG_MSG(4, "Mouse moved: %dx%d\n", x, y);
void fake_button(int button, bool pressed)
Display* display = XOpenDisplay(0);
XTestFakeButtonEvent(display, button, pressed, 0);
DEBUG_MSG(4, "Mouse button #%d's state changed to %d\n", button,
pressed); }

but i don't know how if this "X" call are supported by the library or how to 
import and use  this functions.
Somebody can help me ??
Thanks in advance

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