[Mono-winforms-list] New maintainers for Winforms?

stifu at free.fr stifu at free.fr
Sun Dec 12 04:24:57 EST 2010

Alright, thanks.

My GitHub login is thomasgoldstein.

I grabbed Tom's e-mail and will contact him.

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I'd be honored! :) 

Anything I should know? 
Like steps to follow, good practices and stuff. 

In general, we should not regress, and in general, when applying third-party patches, we should make sure that there is a test case that exhibits the problem, and make sure that the patch actually fixes a bug. 

For regression testing, we have a hanful of apps in the winforms module that should be used routinely, in particular for large changes, to make sure that we are not taking steps back. 

Just tell me what your login is on GitHub and I'll grant you commit access to the Mono repository. 

You need to familiarize yourself with: 


And this is also handy: 

http://www.mono-project.com/C ontributing 

As well as: 

http://www.mono-project.com/Coding_Guideline s 

Notice that Winforms ignored in a few cases the Coding Guidelines, so we will need to fix it as we go. 

As for Tom, I would also extend the offer to him. 


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