[Mono-winforms-list] Three State Checkbox and other items on Linux

Al Williams al.williams at awce.com
Thu Apr 15 10:23:15 EDT 2010

I just took some Windows code from Visual Studio/Windows to
Monodevelop/Linux and I was stunned that it pretty much worked right
away. Well, I had to remove an unnecessary assembly and I need to track
down why I am modifying the system registry which leads to a permissons
problem, but I understand that and can probably work that out myself.

At first, through, I thought I had a bigger problem. Turns out I have a
"tri state" check box. On Windows, the "off" check is a "blob". So the
box can have a check (set), be empty (unchecked), or a "blob" (unset).
Well on my KDE box the box looked checked. Turned out, it was unset. On
closer inspection, the check mark is kind of gray. If you click it, it
does turn black, but the difference is very minimal.

If you want to see the blob (this is the program I'm talking about
running on Windows, go to http://www.awce.com/gp3ez and pause the video
at 1:33. The LED box has a green blob in it and then I check it "on". On
Linux the box has a check in it at both points, its just the first check
is kind of grayed out.

So is this is Winforms/Mono issue? Or is it something to do with KDE? Or???

If you notice on the same video, I have a custom control that lets you
pick bits out of a byte. This control on Linux appears to be bigger and
so the edges get clipped. I suspect that is a font issue. I have simply
resized the controls and now all is well on that.

Also when I click for Help, I get an error -- any suggestions on the
best way to handle help?

Oh, and right now I am making any UI changes in Visual Studio. At first,
one of my forms opened up as garbage in Monodevelop, but I see now they
at least open up as code I can edit. Is there any better strategy there?

But honestly, I was stunned that it is about 99% there.

Sorry for so many questions -- I did search the archives for about a
year back and found where someone had a problem with checkboxes in tree
views, but I didn't find anyone else complaining about this, so that
makes me think maybe its the way I have KDE set up?



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