[Mono-winforms-list] Transparency Problem

Stefano Del Furia delfo at edudotnet.it
Mon Apr 5 16:27:18 EDT 2010

now that i have found that i'm not alone, there could be a chance of find a 
solution/workaround ??

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I had the same problem.

Tried in Mac OS X (both Carbon and X11), no success. Of course both Carbon 
and X11 do support transparency, overlays and OpenGL (AGL and XGL 
Tried in Linux, no success. KDE4 transparencies and effects are working. The 
X.Org configuration file contains the values indicated by Mono 

I found no solution at all.

El 03/04/2010, a las 14:13, Tommi Laukkanen escribió:


I think X-window also has some options which affect the transparency 
support. You might need to enable transparency supporting window manager / 
theme to be able to use transparencies.

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