[Mono-winforms-list] Some Winforms Questions

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Tue Nov 24 05:33:53 EST 2009


1) I think there's no solution for that, it's been asked before, you may
want to look around.
2) Mixing GTK# and WinForms, although more or less possible, is not a good
idea, IMO. Just pick one or the other.
3) No idea.
4) There hasn't been any Mac-specific progress that I could see (there were
some plans for Mono 2.6, but they ended up being scrapped, unfortunately).
That said, I recently discovered a parameter that makes WinForms apps behave
better on Mac. Launch your app by typing: MONO_MWF_MAC_FORCE_X11=1 mono
and see if some things behave better...
5) WinForms support for iPhone or Android isn't planned. What the Mono devs
are opting for is using wrappers around the iPhone / Android UI libs, rather
than reusing desktop API like WinForms or GTK#. This has the benefit of
really looking native, at the cost of having to write platform-specific
6) Dunno.

Daniel Rosenstark-4 wrote:
> Some simple questions about Winforms on OSX. I should note that I had
> given
> up on my app as being Windows only, but when I tried the port to Mono
> Winforms I was totally amazed at how complete it is.
> 1) My app is running on Winforms on Mono nicely (well, 90% of it), but I
> cannot take over the app menu bar like a native app. It says "Mono" with
> the
> Apple to the left. Is it possible to take this over? I do NOT want to run
> in
> a full-screen exclusive mode.
> 2) If #1 is not possible, it seems GTK# apps can do this. Is it possible
> to
> put my app inside a GTK# app.... in other words, are the two technologies
> mixable?
> 3) The RichTextEditor in Winforms on Mono is mostly useless. Does GTK#
> provide something better? Or can anyone recommend any libraries for
> Winforms? I actually don't need richtext, but I do need undo, hyperlinks,
> indenting and bullets....
> 4) There were some initial problems with Snow Leopard and Mono Winforms.
> Have they all pretty much been resolved by now?
> 5) What is the present/future of Winforms on Mono for IPhone? Android?
> 6) I see this link for uninstalling and installing Mono on OSX (
> http://www.mono-project.com/Mono:OSX). What's the best way to update an
> installation?
> Thanks!
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