[Mono-winforms-list] Some Winforms Questions

Carlos Alberto Cortez calberto.cortez at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 05:26:44 EST 2009


I'm not our OSX expert, so I will leave those questions unanswered.

> 3) The RichTextEditor in Winforms on Mono is mostly useless. Does GTK#
> provide something better? Or can anyone recommend any libraries for
> Winforms? I actually don't need richtext, but I do need undo, hyperlinks,
> indenting and bullets....

What are the issues you were/are getting with RichTextBox? I fixed some
stuff there some months ago, so it should be working better now. Anyway, it
you find any error, please report it so we can fix it.

5) What is the present/future of Winforms on Mono for IPhone? Android?

No plans on the mobile segment for now.
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