[Mono-winforms-list] Some Winforms Questions

Daniel Rosenstark dr.public.dev.01 at confusionists.com
Tue Nov 24 05:12:34 EST 2009

Some simple questions about Winforms on OSX. I should note that I had given
up on my app as being Windows only, but when I tried the port to Mono
Winforms I was totally amazed at how complete it is.

1) My app is running on Winforms on Mono nicely (well, 90% of it), but I
cannot take over the app menu bar like a native app. It says "Mono" with the
Apple to the left. Is it possible to take this over? I do NOT want to run in
a full-screen exclusive mode.
2) If #1 is not possible, it seems GTK# apps can do this. Is it possible to
put my app inside a GTK# app.... in other words, are the two technologies
3) The RichTextEditor in Winforms on Mono is mostly useless. Does GTK#
provide something better? Or can anyone recommend any libraries for
Winforms? I actually don't need richtext, but I do need undo, hyperlinks,
indenting and bullets....
4) There were some initial problems with Snow Leopard and Mono Winforms.
Have they all pretty much been resolved by now?
5) What is the present/future of Winforms on Mono for IPhone? Android?
6) I see this link for uninstalling and installing Mono on OSX (
http://www.mono-project.com/Mono:OSX). What's the best way to update an

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