[Mono-winforms-list] Simple "getting started with Mono + WinForms" question

David Russell aardsoft at eircom.net
Sat Feb 28 04:53:37 EST 2009

We recently ported our Winforms application from a windows .Dotnet 3.5 using
Enterprise Library 4.0 onto a Mono platform using VS2008. We reference the
Mono.dll in place of Enterprise Library. The conversion was relatively
straightforward for us as we had already built our Data Access components
into a separate object. We converted this to use the Provider Factory which
was painless. There were a few data types sprinkled in our application that
are more strongly typed in Mono. The most obvious is 'Int32' which must be
used in place of a simple 'int' (as in VS2008 .net 3.5). The whole
conversion was managed in a weekend.


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Hi people. I'm new to the list.

I'd like to develop a C# app targeting .NET 2.0. I'd like the
application to run on Mac OSX/Windows/Linux (if possible). I intend to
write a dialog applciation using Winforms, and I will be drawing on
the dialog's canvas via GDI+. I will also make use of multiple
threads. Is this a problem for Mono, or can I just go ahead and
develop the app (using VS 2005 or 2008) and then "plug-and-chug" on
any computer with the Mono runtime installed? Anything I need to be
aware of in advance?

Thanks so much!

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