[Mono-winforms-list] Some Apps ... 1 of 4 will run on Mono

W Allan Edwards silicon_plains at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 09:19:24 EST 2009





Of the 4 apps I have deployed as usable demo software, password manager is the only one that will run on Mono currently.  The file share mapper and network enabler actually interop with Win32 specific C API calls so they won't show you any love on Linux.  

Now, my 4th application utilizes remoting (strategize) and I attempted to bring up the server and client's on linux but it won't find the remoted object requested by the client from the server then pass it back out.  If you guys would like to have additional code to test against your framework with, I can give you the code with proper agreements.  

I have another question.  Some older code we retain runs with Infragistics.  Do you guys utilize their stuff to verify your mono infrastructure.  I successfully brought up some of their compiled binaries on Linux but the result had drawing problems.  For example, the toolbars would not draw but they displayed.  So far on the strategize stuff I have only tried bringing up the client because the server administration piece has Infragistics dependencies.  Now the server itself should run becuase it has no Infragistics dependencies, just the remote admin gui.

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