[Mono-winforms-list] Question about Linux compatibality

Carlos Alberto Cortez calberto.cortez at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 18:34:08 EST 2009

Yeah, VB.Net is cross platform and the .exe you get should work in Mono
without problems. The difference between using VB.Net and C# is mostly the
fact, as far as I know, that the first uses some additional libraries (that
btw have been implemented in Mono already).

If your application doesn't work, just let us know and fix a bug.


2009/2/8 Anthony Papillion <papillion at gmail.com>

> I'm interested in Mono.  I love the promise that I can really write my
> application once and have it be fairly cross-platform. But I have a question
> that I've not really found the final answer to:
> I write most of my code on Windows. I don't use the API and I usually use
> mostly the built-in controls (with the exception of a calendar control that
> I really like).  While I like C#, I'm writing most of my code in VB and that
> is where my question comes in.
> How cross platform is VB.NET code if I'm using most stock stuff without
> any Win32 API calls?  Will it usually compile and run or should I write all
> of my stuff in C#?
> Thanks!
> Anthony
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