[Mono-winforms-list] Very slow performance in WinForms ListView

Ernesto equistango at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 19:47:05 EDT 2009

El 27/11/2008 17:27, JvD escribió:
> Hello,
> I'm new to Mono. I have downloaded and installed Mono2 onto Ubuntu V8.04.
> After that I wrote a small Winforms program adding 100 lines to a listview,
> repeating that for 10 times. Running the program on WindowsXP, adding 100
> lines takes between 15 and 30 msec each time. Running the same program on
> Ubuntu and Mono the first cycle takes 1,5 seconds and the last one even
> takes 15 seconds.
> Can somebody help me in fixing this problem since this performance is way to
> slow for my application.

I'm extensively using ListView (several forms with different listviews 
with thousands of items each) with Mono 2.4 under Fedora 11 Beta, 
openSUSE 11.1 and Mono SVN on Ubuntu 9.04 RC. Performance if very good 
and loading a listview with 5000 items will always take less than a 
second, even on an old Athlon XP.

Although, I can remember a recursion problem that affected the listview 
some time ago. I don't have access to the Mono source code right now but 
maybe you or someone else can take a look at the Listview changelog to 
see when was this recursion problem fixed.

Anyway, I'm sure a more recent version of Mono will work. Here are some 
very straightforward instructions to install Mono 2.4 on Ubuntu:



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