[Mono-winforms-list] Adding a DataGridView in gui designer view

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Thu Oct 23 12:31:10 EDT 2008

You can try Medsphere's GridView Gtk# component:


indent wrote:
> ok, thank you.
> but then is there any replacement for DataGridView widget in gtk#?
> i just want to use it to display very basic databse queries
> Jonathan Pobst wrote:
>> If you are trying to use MonoDevelop, it does not contain a GUI designer 
>> for Winforms projects.  Your best bet is to use Visual Studio to design 
>> your Winforms app, and then copy the resulting code/binary over to Linux 
>> to run with Mono.
>> Jonathan
>> indent wrote:
>>> hello everyone.
>>> i have just started learning C#, and when i saw that there exists a linux
>>> alternative i wanted to try it.
>>> i have a very small project, it has a window with a datagridview and a
>>> button, and when i press the button, it connects to an Access database
>>> and
>>> displays its contents (the db has a single table with 4 rows, and a
>>> single
>>> line of info).
>>> i did this in visual studio, but i have problems doing it in Mono.
>>> first i managed to get the project built from the source files i brought
>>> from the viasual studio project, the problem rises when i try to add a
>>> DataGridView in the gui designer.
>>> regardless if i add the widgets DataGrid and GridView or even Button
>>> (from
>>> Web and Windows form components) with the + button it doesnt show up in
>>> the
>>> toolbox list (but if i add gtk# widgets, it shows up).
>>> thank you
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