[Mono-winforms-list] print/print preview not working for drawstring

Ernesto equistango at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 14:55:46 EST 2008

pacolov a écrit :
> Thanks for the effort. We will see. I am digging into it and trying to find
> a workaround so far. But I am really missing the clip rectangle :-(
It's definitely a clipping issue. A workarround I've found is to use 
StringFormatFlags.NoClip (when possible). The problem seems to be 
between libgdiplus and Cairo.

Is there any libgdiplus/Cairo developper on this list? I need someone 
pointing me in the right direction here. Or perhaps this is a very 
simple issue for a experienced libgdiplus/Cairo developper.

The clipping code in ligbdiplus' DrawString is very simple and 
straightforward, and this entry on the libgdiplus ChangeLog makes me wonder:

2004-08-02  Ravindra <rkumar at novell.com>

        * graphics.c: Commented out cairo_clip calls from GdipDrawString,
        as these were causing problems. Thanks to Peter for suggesting this
        fix. This fixes, bug #60386, #60663, #61414. These bugs were 
        because of some problem with Cairo clipping. And, these are not
        reproducable with Cairo cvs, because Cairo seems to have some 
        which have solved the problem with clipping in Cairo.
        Also, fixed gdip_plot_path function to handle path point types

Is this a Cairo problem? I tried both internal Cairo from libgdiplus svn 
and system Cairo (1.8.0 from Fedora 10) with the same results. On the 
other hand,
clipping works as expected with Pango text rendering.


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