[Mono-winforms-list] Mono newbie -- assessing capabilities of Mono

Rick Lane rick.lane at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 13:17:35 EST 2008


I've written a Windows application in .NET 2.0 that makes use of DataSets,
DataGridViews (that are bound to said DataSets), etc.  What I'm hoping to do
is port this application to an iPhone.

However, before I invest too much time into setting up a Mono IDE on my Mac,
only to find that what I need to do is not yet possible, I wanted to email
this mailing list.  So my question really has two parts:

1) Would DataGridViews (and underlying DataSets to which these are bound) be
compatible in Mono's virtual machine?
2) Would I be able to create *native *Forms (with *native *DataGridViews)
using Mono's System.Windows.Forms toolkit?

And another question is: would Apple "approve" of an iPhone application
developed with Mono?

Thanks in advance, and I hope to be moving forward with this project soon!

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