[Mono-winforms-list] WinForm refresh/crash window problem

Mauricio Henriquez mhenriquezs at terra.cl
Thu Jun 26 20:02:19 EDT 2008

hi guys:

I have a weird behavior with Winforms controls under mono on linux 
(fedora 8 kernel 2.6.24, mono-1.9-3.1 update to revision 104788 from 
opensuse repos, same for mono-winforms and libgdiplus0-103803)

Updating some values of controls in a event (not trigger at a insane 
speed...) all the window and the app stop responding and I don't get any 
error message or console output..)..but is not all the time..
But, for example, something like this always crash:

       int i =0;
       private void OnTiltMovementChangedEvent(object Sender, 
NumValueMemberEventArgs<int> e) //also try with a non-generic types with 
the same result
           this.btnPosition.Top = i;
            //even if you put a little sleep or "doevents" stuff...

You can trigger the event in a loop even with sleeps or "doevents" in 
the middle and the window still crash at some point...

May be is something related to "Autosize" of the controls, because the 
first time that I encounter the problem it was displaying values in a 
event handler that receive values from a sensor, I was trying to display 
the values in a texbox and the window have the problem, later I change 
the controls to labels with autosize=true with the same result, but with 
labels with autosize=false allmost all the time work ok (sadly the 
autosize=false trick don't work in this case for textboxes or buttons...)

any ideas?, sugestion?, bug report?



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