[Mono-winforms-list] System.Windows.Forms incompatible with OS X 10.5?

Ben Byer bbyer at apple.com
Thu Jun 5 13:58:49 EDT 2008

(sorry for the delayed response)

On May 25, 2008, at 6:12 PM, Geoff Norton wrote:

> Ben,
> On Sun, 2008-05-25 at 16:46 -0700, Ben Byer wrote:
>> Thanks for the quick response, Geoff.  Do you happen to have that
>> Radar # handy?
> I dont have it any more.  I re-tested and the issue appears to be  
> fixed
> on 10.5.2, however its worth noting that the BadMatch error codes you
> were returning were undocumented in any public X sources I could find.
> This is probably not best-practice.

This is not intentional; we are trying to converge with the X.org  
master codebase.  Anytime you see something like this, please file a  
bug with Apple.  Happen to remember any specific examples?

>> If you do continue to see problems, you should also check out http://xquartz.macosforge.org
>> .
>> We try to put out updated binary packages there once or twice a  
>> month.
> How closely do these track to release versions, or is it a seperate
> trunk?  While updated packages are interesting for me, we @ Mono do  
> our
> best to support shipped versions on OSX back to 10.3 even still.  We  
> are
> likely dropping binary support for 10.3 in the near future, but that
> leaves us still having to support your ancient 10.4 builds as well.

The release versions (shipped with Mac OS X Updates) generally track  
the open-source Xquartz builds, which is to say they lag behind.   
We're maintaining a separate, open set of binary releases so that we  
can fix bugs and make progress without being tied to our internal  
development-cycle constraints.

On your part, it gives us the opportunity for a smaller set of "power  
users" to test out any architectural changes and their impact on your  
software before we push out an automatic update to millions of  
unsuspecting users.  We can then take pains to not break your code, as  
long as we know when it's broken ...


One thing that we are sorely lacking is a regression-test system.    
There are a whole lot of X apps out there, and only a couple of us to  
work on them, so we'd like to at least assemble a representative list  
of apps to manually test when we make major changes to the code.  Do  
you have any good examples of stuff to run -- particularly, things  
that have broken in the past, or are popular and will cause widespread  
annoyance if broken?  Bonus points if they're relatively easy to  
install and run...


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