[Mono-winforms-list] PropertyGrid testing aims?

Ivan N. Zlatev contact at i-nz.net
Fri Feb 15 09:49:34 EST 2008

Andy Hume wrote:
> Ivan N. Zlatev wrote:
>> Andy Hume wrote:
>>> Just thought I'd drop you a note to see what your aims are 
>> for the PropertyGrid in the short and longer term.  I'm guite 
>> willing to bang away on it in my spare time and log bugs if 
>> that's useful to you.  Or maybe you're working away on it 
>> yourself and will find the bugs anyway, and other bugs would 
>> just get in the way. :-)  Let me know.
>> For the past two weeks I rewrote most of PropertyGrid and its 
>> components, so we have support for a lot of things now and 
>> better improved support for others. I hope you have noticed 
>> that during your testing. (We will ship the PropertyGrid with 
>> major improvements in 1.9 hurray!)
> Yup, I've seen a great improvement!  I particularly like that it doesn't throw when a bad value is input. :-,)
>> Huge thanks for your bug reports and please keep them coming! 
>> I really appreciate your time and effort.
>> Short-term goals are:
>>   * Fix layout issues related to the scrollbar. They cause your bug
>> #359199 and a couple of others with recursive collapse/expand.
>>   * Fix TypeDescriptor's Editors table and GetEditor to fix 
>> #358332 and a few others non-filed ones.
>>   * Fix the rest of the reported bugs.
>> Long-term goals are:
>>   * Implement PropertyTab support, so I can implement EventsTab.
>>   * Implement TypeDescriptor Associations and Providers.
>>   * Bugfix and implement Editors and Converters --> BTW, if 
>> you feel like coding those might be a quick and easy start.
>>   * Fix bugs, implement missing features, etc.
>> P.S: I CCed the mono-winforms list, so the information will 
>> be available for others as well. I hope you won't mind.
> Well I'll continue to testing the TypeConverters first off.  

I would appreciate if you also make unit tests for the bugs you find (in 
case you have the time for that of course). It should be very 
straightforward for all Converters. For an example on how this is done 
take a look at 

> And then check the Editors thereafter.  Assuming that's OK.  I'll stay at just QA-ing at least for now, you seems to be able to fix the problems quickly so I'll not get in the way. :-)

You won't get in my way at all if you start bugfixing Converters and 
Editors, mainly because this is not something I am directly focusing at 
  at the moment.

> BTW how do you debug the faults, are you using the Mono debugger or printf-debugging, or someother system?  

For those that I have to track down I use CWL (Console.WriteLine) or 
mbox (MessageBox.Show) :). Luckily for now I know why and where most happen.

> It'd be nice to see why a value isn't accepted, a typeconverter attrbute ignored, etc.  I'd normally put breakpoints on the error-handling statements...

You can add CWLs inside all try-catch blocks in 
mcs/class/Managed.Windows.Forms/System.Windows.Forms/GridEntry.cs to 
print the exception and StackTrace. We swallow most exceptions on 
purpose, but essentially they are the main indicators whether something 
has failed.

Ivan N. Zlatev

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