[Mono-winforms-list] Porting application that calls windows andother DLLs

Matthew Donaldson matthew at datadeliverance.com
Thu Dec 18 17:20:22 EST 2008

Thanks, that's encouraging news.  But you definitely have to compile the DLLs for Linux don't you - I'm right in assuming that pinvoke on Mono won't call into native Windows DLLs?

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 On Fri 19/12/08  1:07 AM , "Maser, Dan" Dan.Maser at inin.com sent:
> In my mono application I have PInvokes that run on both Windows and Linux
> and in my experience it works and you don't even have to change the source
> code from ".dll" to ".so".  If you put the module name
> only in the source code then the right thing happens.  The MS.NET knowns to
> append ".dll" when looking for the file and Mono knows to try
> both ".dll" and ".so" when running on Linux.
> Additionally, I think there's something about an xml file you can put in
> the same directory as your assembly that acts as a mapping where you can
> tell mono "when looking for foo.dll you should try bar.so" that
> you can use if you don't want the Windows and Linux libraries to have the
> same name.
> Of course you have to pay close attention to using the correct decorations
> for calling conventions on both libraries.
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> Hi,
> I've been asked to try and get a .NET 1.1 application working under Mono.
> It makes quite a few Windows API calls, but also calls several other
> DLLsusing PInvoke.  Most of these DLLs can probably be recompiled under
> Linux,but probably not all.
> >From looking around, it seems that it's not
> possible to call Windows DLLsvia PInvoke using Mono, but I wanted to make sure this is the case. 
> Someonementioned something called "ctypes" as a way of doing this, but
> this seemsto be a Python thing.
> I'd appreciate input on what my options might be available here, and
> whetherit's worth trying to go further.  A few other specific questions -
> answersor URLs appreciated:
> - Is there any way at all to get the equivalent of calls into User32.dll? 
> Most of these are in User32.dll.  The application is very
> GUI-intensive.
> - Is it possible to use Wine to run the DLLs?  I've seen references to
> thisidea, but I don't think I've found anything concrete.
> - If the other DLLs could be recompiled into .so files under Linux, can
> Iuse PInvoke without changing anything except ".dll" into
> ".so", or doparameter names and types need to be changed too?  (i.e. would this
> possiblybe a significant porting effort in its own right?)
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