[Mono-winforms-list] Gtk# or Mono Winforms for Linux-only project

Stefanos A. stapostol at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 06:33:27 EDT 2008

Την Wed, 20 Aug 2008 13:07:14 +0300,ο(η) Daniel Lidström  
<daniel.lidstrom at sbg.se> έγραψε:

> Hello!
> I'm in the process of evaluating ways to use Mono on a Linux platform. It
> would be interesting to hear your opinion on what GUI toolkit to use.  
> From
> what I understand, Gtk# is a little bit more mature than Mono Winforms,
> although the latter is progressing fast it seems. I have a few  
> requirements
> though:
> *  Must support 3d graphics somehow (we use OpenGL now, in a C++
> environment)

This is possible on both WinForms and GTK# throught OpenTK.GLControl  
(http://www.opentk.com) and Gtk.GLWidget respectively  

> *  GUI Designer must be available

AFAIK, MonoDevelop has a GTK# designer and I *think* there is a Mono  
WinForms designer available. Anyone knows for sure?

> *  Must be possible to create custom controls

This should be possible with both.

> When you have the luxury of starting more or less from scratch, which
> toolkit would you suggest?

Many will probably disagree, but I find the GTK# API a little awkward to  
use (being autogenerated and all). On the other hand, GTK# right now  
integrates *much* with the desktop compared to WinForms. My suggestion  
would be to write a few apps on both APIs and see which you like better.

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