[Mono-winforms-list] Plans for Cairo intergration / will ever be cairo usable with winforms?

Stanislav Ravas ravas at tind.sk
Mon Aug 11 15:34:51 EDT 2008

I have an application written in c#, it is process visualisation toolkit. I have tried to run it on the mono on linux. There were some problems, but everything was fixable, except for cairo. I use cairo for all drawing. On windows I can use win32surface and draw onto it. I don't want to use GDI+, because I know cairo pretty good and it is multiplatform. 

Problem is, that I can't create win32surface on mono on linux. May be I'm missing something, but I think that win32surface is supported only on windows now. 

I have worked around this by rendering onto ImageSurface, then writing to PNG file and loading it back with GDI+, but it has big overhead and is very slow. 

Are there any plans to support any cairo surface on WinForms? Or is here any workaround? (I don't want to use GDI+ api) 

Anyway, mono is really great project and there must be hard work behind it.


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