[Mono-winforms-list] Control Resize?

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Mon Apr 7 14:58:32 EDT 2008

That is weird, I don't think I've seen that before.

Can you please file a bug with the source code of the simple app you 
created?  I'll take a look at it.


[Class Libraries -> System.Windows.Forms]

Generally I just leave everything at the default font, so maybe the code 
is not correctly measuring non-default fonts.


Josh wrote:
> I'm working in VB on VS (Winforms) and Mono 1.9 and my apps are working 
> fine except when I run them under Mono it's almost like the text inside 
> of each control is being cut off and all my windows and context menus 
> appear to be "hacked off", even a simple right-click {copy, paste} the 
> context menu is cut short.
> I followed the FAQ: Winforms to get the main window to resize correctly, 
> but all my other windows and even my controls on that main window are 
> still "cut off". I tried the export and still nothing. Also, I'm getting 
> the same results on both the Windows and Linux versions of Mono. I'm 
> thinking that maybe there is an issue with font that is missing? I have 
> checked all over and can't seem to find a recommended font for mono 
> applications. I also tried to create a simple app with just a Menu 
> control and also got the exact same results.
> I have disabled "XP Style Menus" and even tried to set a static size for 
> the controls. This will make the control bigger, but it still hacks off 
> the text.
> In case my question is too hard to follow, please see the screen shot 
> at: http://www.thatclothingco.com/images/MonoWinformCut.png
> Josh
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