[Mono-winforms-list] Proposed Winforms Bug Triaging Guidelines

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Sun Sep 16 21:01:33 EDT 2007

Hey Winformers!

With our new bugzilla, I spent some time trying to get our bugs a little 
under control.  I am proposing the following guidelines to be used when 
we triage new bugs.  Note that this is for triaging.  When a new bug is 
submitted, don't expect anything to be set correctly.  :)

OS Field:
Use Linux if it only occurs on Linux, Windows if it only occurs on 
Windows, Mac if it only occurs on Mac, and All if it is not OS 
dependent.  If it only occurs on a specific version of 
Linux/Windows/Mac, then use the more specific options.  (Most of our 
bugs are All.)

Now that the Summary field is sortable (my favorite new feature), please 
prefix it with the control or area that is primarily affected, like 
"Button: ", "TreeView: ", or "Printing: ".  If there is already a bug 
with an appropriate prefix, use that on new bugs instead of creating a 
new prefix.  This makes it really easy to say, find all the TreeView bugs.

If I couldn't reproduce something, I added the [Verify] prefix to the 
summary.  If you can, please try to repro these.  If no one can repro 
them and the submitter doesn't help us out, these will get closed.

If there is a proposed patch to something, add the [Patch] prefix to the 
summary.  Please occasionally look at the bugs with [Patch] and if you 
are capable of reviewing it, please do.

I tend to ignore this one, but my loose guidelines are:
- Enhancement: Missing feature.
- Minor/Normal: Bug that doesn't crash mono/application.
- Major/Critical: Bug that crashes mono/application.
If anyone wants to expand on this, feel free.

These are the fields that I find useful when I am going through bugs.  
If anyone has any comments or suggestions of other fields we should be 
using or that we should use differently, please speak up.  When it feels 
like we have some consensus, I'll add the guidelines to the winforms wiki.


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