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Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Thu Sep 6 18:34:41 EDT 2007

Hey Ernesto!

The changes look harmless, but I have a feeling they are simply hiding a 
bigger problem, ie: what is trying to set a scroll position bigger than 
the maximum and why.  The ListView maintainer (calberto) thinks the same 
about the ListView one.  Do you have a test case or code snippet for 
each of them that reproduces the crash so we can dig a bit a deeper?


Ernesto wrote:
> Jonathan Pobst wrote:
>> Generally a bug is opened in bugzilla and the patch is attached to it. 
>> This makes sure they don't get ignored on the list and are trackable. 
>> But if they're pretty minor, I can probably take them from the list 
>> and make sure they get committed.
> Ok, here are two really minor (a one-liner and a two-liner). These two 
> missing checks where causing Mono to crash on my app.
> For other bigger fixes I'm filing bug reports and attaching patches.
> Sorry I didn't patch ChangeLog. I didn't want to submit two patches for 
> the same version of the same file.
> So below is the change log, if needed.
> Thanks for your help.
> Ernesto.
> ---------
> 2007-09-06  Ernesto Carrea  <equistango at gmail.com>
>    * ListView.cs: ListViewItemCollection must call
>    AdjustItemsPositionArray when the collection changes.
> 2007-09-06  Ernesto Carrea  <equistango at gmail.com>
>    * ScrollBar.cs: UpdatePos value was checked to be not less than minimum,
>    but wasn't checked not to be more than maximum.
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